Alternative Religious movements

Alternative Religious Movements is a three-week course offered during the month of July, which will focus specifically on the Latter Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses movements.  The course will highlight the history, figures, major tenets, and religious texts of each of these alternative religious movements.  Special attention will be given to learning how to engage with members of these various religious movements in a culturally relevant and respectful manner for the purpose of sharing the gospel.

Alternative Religious Movements is held on Thursday evenings, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in Classroom A.  All are welcome to attend.  The schedule can be found on the Church Calendar.

Biblical Academy

The Belle Glade Alliance Church Biblical Academy exists to provide a foundation in Bible, Theology, Apologetics, and Practical Ministry, so that the Christ-follower is thoroughly equipped for life and ministry.  This four year program has been broken up into eight semester-long courses: (1) Old Testament Survey, (2) New Testament Survey, (3) Survey of Theology I, (4) Survey of Theology II, (5) Introduction to Apologetics I, (6) Introduction to Apologetics II, (7) Evangelism, and (8) Teaching the Bible.  Students can begin at any point and take only the courses they wish to take.  However, all are encouraged to complete the entire program.  There is no cost to be a part of the Biblical Academy.  There is no homework, no papers, and no exam.  All are welcome.